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Maryland Governors Race

Latest Maryland Governors Race News

What Is Martin O'Malley's Religion?

Martin O'Malley, the Democratic incumbent governor of Maryland and former mayor of Baltimore, is seeking re-election against former opponent and one-time Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich. As part of a Politi...

Roundup of Governor, Senate Polls: Tom Tancredo Making a Race of It in Colorado

Our roundup of polls from over the weekend and Monday on the races for governor and Senate updates or adds Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Te...

Senate and Governor Race Roundup: Marco Rubio, Jerry Brown Open Big Leads

As the campaigns head into their last laps, Democrat Jerry Brown appears to be breaking away from Republican challenger Meg Whitman in the California governor's race and Republican Marco Rubio looks l...

Black Voters Could Sway 20 House Races, Analyst Says

BOWIE, Md. (Oct. 14) - On the corner of Collington Road and Route 301, a bright blue poster screams the Democratic Party's wishful thinking at passing cars: "We've got your back President Obama." The...

How Old Is Bob Ehrlich?

Bob Ehrlich, one-time Republican governor of Maryland, is running to retake his governorship from Martin O'Malley, his Democratic opponent. It was O'Malley who ended Ehrlich's time in Annapolis in the...


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