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Obama Budget Invests Heavily in Education

President Barack Obama unveiled his fiscal year 2012 budget today at Parkville Middle School and Center for Technology in Baltimore to underscore his commitment to investing in education. "This week,...

Obama Wants to Trim Pell Grants, Official Says

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's budget plan would cut $100 billion from Pell Grants over a decade through belt-tightening but use the savings to keep the maximum college financial aid award at...

Obama Calls for a New 'Sputnik Moment' for America

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina -- President Barack Obama couldn't escape the East Coast cold snap on his short trip south on Monday. ("What's snow doing on the ground in North Carolina?" he jokingly...

For-Profit Colleges Brace for Drop in Enrollment

Americans who had their sights set on attending colleges with online classes, flexible hours and the promise of a job after graduation may be changing their plans come 2011. The nation's largest...

For-Profit Colleges' Graduation Rates at Center of Senate Panel Storm

A Senate committee sent a clear message to for-profit colleges last week: With drop-out rates averaging 57 percent, too many career schools are are gambling with students' lives and American tax...


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