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Jared Loughner's Trial: Previewing the Tucson Massacre Case

The federal criminal case against Tucson shooting suspect Jared Lee Loughner looks to be a straight-forward affair. He was reportedly tackled to the ground inside the Safeway supermarket Saturday...

Experts Preview Shahzad's Bleak Life Behind Bars

(June 22) -- Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani-born U.S. citizen who pleaded guilty in the Times Square bombing attempt, faces life behind bars when sentenced in October. He will serve out his time at a...

A Simple Solution for Gitmo: Give it Back to the Cubans

With a year to go in the presidency of George W. Bush, then-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave an interview to the BBC in which, inevitably, the issue of the detention center at the U.S....


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