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Supreme Court Rejects Quick Review of Health Care Law

WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court rejected a call Monday from Virginia's attorney general to depart from its usual practice and put review of the health care law on a fast track. Instead, judicial...

North Carolina Gets Worst of Storms That Ravaged Swath of US

ASKEWVILLE, N.C. - A tornado-spewing storm system that killed at least 45 people across half the country unleashed its worst fury on North Carolina, where homes broke apart, trees snapped and...

Twisters Leave Dozens Dead, Destruction in 6 States

RALEIGH, N.C. - Rescue crews searched for survivors in wind-blasted landscapes Sunday in North Carolina, the state hardest hit by a storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes from Oklahoma to...

12,000-Square-Foot White House Replica for Sale

Want the presidential digs without the presidential headaches? Pony up $4.65 million and the White House is yours. Realtor Chu Nguyen of Fairfax Realty is selling the McLean, Va., home on behalf of...

To the Hounds: Fox Hunting Lives On as an Animal-Friendly Pastime

GORMAN, Calif. -- It's a pastime, participants will tell you, that's as American as apple pie: one played in the great outdoors, on real grass, with lots of running and jumping and zig zagging all...


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