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Germany, Uruguay Playing for 'Empty Cup'?

(July 9) -- If some people call the World Cup championship the biggest sporting event on the planet, what should the tournament's third-place game be called? The "Empty Cup"? Germany and Uruguay face...

VIP Jets Clog Airport, Stranding World Cup Fans

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (July 8) -- With the likes of Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger, Bill Clinton and Britain's princes gracing the stands of World Cup games, South Africa has seen its share of private...

World Cup Action: The Netherlands Beats Uruguay

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (July 6) -- T Uruguay made a game of it. They defended well, scored a great goal in the first half and left many in the crowd of more than 62,000 here at Green Point Stadium...

US Tourist's Shooting Revives Crime Fears at World Cup

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (July 1) -- An American tourist was trailed by a gang of criminals, then robbed and shot on a Johannesburg street just after dark, reviving fears of South Africa's high crime...

US Team Is Losing World Cup Name Game

(June 26) -- The United States men's national team has surprised the world with its clutch World Cup play. But there's one soccer contest the U.S. team has already lost: the name game. While other...


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