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Published: 01/20/11

Report Bolsters 9/11 Mastermind's Confession to Daniel Pearl Murder

By  Mara Gay - AOL News
Report Bolsters 9/11 Mastermind's Confession to Daniel Pearl Murder

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind behind the Sept. 11 terror attacks, beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, according to a yearslong investigation into his murder. U.S. investigators used vein analysis to confirm that the hand seen on the video of the 2002 execution belongs to Mohammed, a senior al-Qaida operative who confessed to the killing while in American custody but has not been charged with the crime. The findings -- along with a host of other revelations about the reporter's murder -- are the work of The Pearl Project, a three-year investigation that deta...

Published: 01/19/10

Smart Bombers: Do Universities Breed Terrorists?

By  Delia Lloyd - Politics Daily
Smart Bombers: Do Universities Breed Terrorists?

LONDON -- In the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing attempt, our nation is once again grappling with how best to protect itself against terrorist attacks. So far, the U.S. government has been directing its resources towards things like airport security and strengthening the government in Yemen, a new hotbed for al-Qaeda. But it's worth asking whether we'd be better served by focusing on what goes on inside universities....

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