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Obama Won't Defend DOMA: Instant Reactions

President Barack Obama has decided that Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to stop defending it in federal court. Until now, the...

US Sues BP, 8 Other Companies in Gulf Oil Spill

WASHINGTON (Dec. 15) -- The Justice Department on Wednesday sued BP Exploration and Production Inc. and eight other companies in the Gulf oil spill disaster in an effort to recover billions of dollars...

CIA Destroys Terror Interrogation Evidence -- and Justice Looks Away

The Justice Department's terse announcement Tuesday that it would not prosecute any CIA officials for destroying evidence -- including videotapes of interrogation sessions with high-profile terror...

High Court to Hear Ashcroft's Appeal to Stop Lawsuit

WASHINGTON (Oct. 18) -- The Supreme Court will consider an appeal by former Attorney General John Ashcroft to throw out a lawsuit seeking to hold him personally responsible for improperly arresting a...

Did Carl Paladino Really Say 'F--- Him' About Eric Holder? [VIDEO]

(Oct. 12) -- Another day, another YouTube-generated headache for Carl Paladino. In footage obtained by Jeremy Jacobs of National Journal's Hotline OnCall, the following video, taken at a town hall...


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