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Published: 01/14/11

Westboro Church Protestors -- Ignore Them

By  Mary Winter - Politics Daily
Westboro Church Protestors -- Ignore Them

Mainstream media don't publish pornography or gratuitous violence. They don't give soapboxes to extremist groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood or the Man-Boy Love Association. So maybe they should think twice about covering Westboro Baptist Church members, who picket funerals of soldiers and newsmakers. This small-town Kansas congregation spews hate, vilifies a minority and spreads a message that offends even the thickest-skinned among us. Church members haul out their "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" signs for one reason -- to get national exposure for their bizarre belief that God is...

Published: 01/12/11

Westboro Baptist Church Backs Off Protest Plans at Tucson Victims' Funerals

By  Tom Diemer - Politics Daily
Westboro Baptist Church Backs Off Protest Plans at Tucson Victims' Funerals

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have decided not to picket at the funerals of the victims of the fatal shootings in Tucson, Ariz., in exchange for publicity, a spokeswoman says. Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of the Kansas-based church's pastor and founder Fred Phelps, said Westboro agreed to drop its plans to protest outside the funeral of Christina Taylor Green and the others killed last Saturday because it preferred to reach a wider audience over the air waves, the Topeka Capital-Journal said. In an interview with 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Canada, on Tuesday, Phelps-Roper agreed...

Published: 01/12/11

Westboro Baptist Church Won't Picket Christina Green Funeral

By  Torie Bosch - AOL News
Westboro Baptist Church Won't Picket Christina Green Funeral

The controversial Westboro Baptist Church has announced that it will not picket the funeral of the 9-year-old girl killed in Saturday's shooting. It's not entirely a show of unexpected compassion, however. Westboro Baptist Church scrapped initial plans to protest at Christina Green's funeral in exchange for airtime on radio stations in Phoenix and Toronto. The group still plans to send a handful of members to picket at the funeral of U.S. District Judge John M. Roll, despite emergency legislation passed by Arizona to ban such protests at memorial services. The new law was passed soon after...

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