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Ordeal of Freed Times Reporters Highlights Dangers Faced by Journalists

Gunfire. Sexual assault. Beatings. These are just a few of the abuses New York Times reporters and photographers said they suffered when they were captured by the Libyan government and held for six...

Lara Logan Assault: For Female Reporters, the Added Peril of Turbulent Places

Lara Logan appeared fearless and intrepid when she reported from war zones -- exactly what you want in a foreign correspondent. The reporter "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and...

Anderson Cooper Among Many Journalists Attacked in Cairo

Journalists in Cairo are being targeted and attacked, apparently by supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, several news organizations are reporting today. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was...

Chinese Investigative Journalist Dies After Gang Beating

Media rights groups are calling for an inquiry into the fatal beating of Chinese journalist Sun Hongjie, who had investigated politically sensitive issues such as government-enforced housing...

Mayor's Death Caps Another Bloody Week of Mexican Drug Violence

(Sept. 24) -- Mexican authorities say the mayor of a northern Mexico town was gunned down Thursday, making him the second mayor to be killed this month. Prisciliano Rodriguez, mayor of Doctor...


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