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Can Iron-Fisted Syria Withstand Wave of Rebellion?

Just two months ago, Syrian President Bashar Assad boasted to The Wall Street Journal that his country was "stable" and that -- unlike the soon-to-be-toppled tyrants in Tunisia and Egypt -- his regime...

Five Protesters Killed in Syria, Activist Says

BEIRUT -- Syrian security forces launched a harsh crackdown Friday on protesters calling for political freedoms, killing at least five people and marking the gravest unrest in years in one of the most...

Wisconsin Protests: Far From the Madison Crowd

Follow the Trussell cartoons on Twitter at ChaosTheoryPD...

Wisconsin Protesters: Can You Spare Some Solidarity?

Sorry, Wisconsin protesters. I want to root for unions. But I can't. That's because they're only for the working man and woman. They don't seem to care about the unemployed and the legions of...

Gadhafi Leaves Libya. Destination: Dictator Island

Follow the Trussell cartoons on Twitter at ChaosTheoryPD...


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