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Baggage Handlers Arrested in Drug Smuggling Bust at Detroit Airport

Federal agents arrested 12 people today who are suspected of smuggling marijuana and cocaine into Detroit Metro Airport. Ten of the twelve people arrested in the yearlong investigation are current or...

Sheen Kicks Off 'Torpedo of Truth' Tour in Detroit

DETROIT -- Charlie Sheen has been pretty well everywhere the past few months, popping up all over national TV, the Internet and in other forms of mass media, blathering on about the "tiger blood"...

Home Price Declines Deepen in Major US Markets

NEW YORK -- Damage from the housing bust is spreading to areas once thought to be immune. In at least 14 major U.S. metro areas, prices have fallen to 2003 levels - when the housing bubble was just...

Grandmother Who Stole to Feed Five Grandkids Faces Prison

A 67-year-old widow struggling to feed her five grandkids may now be going to prison for Social Security fraud she claims was necessary to keep her family afloat. Mary Alice Austin lives in Detroit...


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