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Republican Mark Kirk Wins Obama's Old Senate Seat

In one of the biggest Senate races in the nation, Republican Mark Kirk on Tuesday won the seat once held by President Barack Obama, a highly sought after prize for the GOP. In a battle centering on ...

Can Obama Save Alex Giannoulias, Pat Quinn in His Home State?

CHICAGO -- President Obama bought breakfast on Sunday for the top of the Illinois Democratic ticket, Gov. Pat Quinn and Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias, investing yet more time in two close contests ...

Democrats Hope High Voter Turnout Will Boost Odds in Some Races

While most polls spell doom and gloom for Democrats Tuesday, the party believes it still has one glimmer of hope for hanging onto seats in tight races: high voter turnout. A senior Democratic offici...

Governor, Senate Poll Roundup: Looking at the Closest Races

A flood of new polls on this year's key governor and Senate races came out Sunday and Monday, and here are the ones that showed the tightest races and those where the margins are larger, but the outco...

Countdown to Election Day: Senate Races to Watch

Republicans will edge close toward control of the Senate Tuesday but are unlikely to be able to seal the deal. While the GOP is widely favored to win back the House, it faces a narrower path to victo...


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