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Published: 10/6/10

Verizon iPhone Confirmed by Wall Street Journal: Instant Reactions

By  Steven Hoffer - AOL News
Verizon iPhone Confirmed by Wall Street Journal: Instant Reactions

(Oct. 6) -- The bell has tolled. Apple Inc. intends to mass-produce a new iPhone model in the coming months that will allow Verizon Wireless to sell the smart phone by early 2011, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple has held an exclusive deal with AT&T since introducing the iPhone in 2007. Did someone say "Veriphone?" According to the report: "The new iPhone would be similar in design to the iPhone 4 currently sold by AT&T Inc. but would be based on an alternative wireless technology called CDMA used by Verizon, these people said. The phone, for which Qualcomm Inc. is providing a ke...

Published: 06/21/10

IPhone iOS 4 Can't Stave Off Possible Touch Screen Shortage

By  Carl Franzen - Politics Daily
IPhone iOS 4 Can't Stave Off Possible Touch Screen Shortage

Even if you don't own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you may have heard the news that Apple made its shiny new operating system available via free download today. Departing from Apple's previous nomenclature, "iPhone OS," the new "iOS 4" has mostly been warmly received by the nation's tech writers, as well as positively gobbled up by average users who have long pinned for the multitasking and camera-zoom features that come standard on some of Apple's stiffest competition (Google Android lovers, here's your cue). But could the release of iOS 4 actually be a stalling tactic by Apple to stave of...

Published: 06/4/10

iPhone 4G: Should You Upgrade?

By  David Knowles - Politics Daily
iPhone 4G: Should You Upgrade?

As Apple readies its new 4G version of America's most popular cell phone, owners of older models will soon face a tough choice: To upgrade or not? As Apple recently announced on its website, iPhone OS 4.0 software will ship this summer, and it won't work on all old models of the phone. For instance, if you want to take advantage of multi-tasking, you'd better have an iPhone 3GS, otherwise you're out of luck. In other words, if you want all the latest software bells and whistles, you're going to want to upgrade to the new iPhone 4G hardware. On Monday, Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the ...

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