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Latest iphone 3gs News

Verizon iPhone Confirmed by Wall Street Journal: Instant Reactions

(Oct. 6) -- The bell has tolled. Apple Inc. intends to mass-produce a new iPhone model in the coming months that will allow Verizon Wireless to sell the smart phone by early 2011, according to The...

IPhone iOS 4 Can't Stave Off Possible Touch Screen Shortage

Even if you don't own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you may have heard the news that Apple made its shiny new operating system available via free download today. Departing from Apple's previous...

iPhone 4G: Should You Upgrade?

As Apple readies its new 4G version of America's most popular cell phone, owners of older models will soon face a tough choice: To upgrade or not? As Apple recently announced on its website, iPhone...


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