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Protests Spike in Greece as Government Weighs Support of Attack on Libya

ATHENS, Greece -- Demonstrators took to the streets of the capital today to protest international air strikes against military assets of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as Greece weighed its support of...

Deadly Explosions Rock Sufi Shrine in Pakistan

(Oct. 7) -- Two explosions at a religious site in Karachi have killed at least eight people and injured dozens more. The blasts in Pakistan's largest city occurred Thursday night at the shrine of...

Mosque Fire Increases Israeli Settlement Tension

(Oct. 4) -- If there's one thing we've learned this year, it's that burning Islamic holy artifacts is not a good idea. Who didn't get the memo? Israeli settlers, who set fire to a mosque in Beit...

Texas Board of Ed Votes to Correct 'Pro-Islam' Textbooks

(Sept. 24) -- The Texas State Board of Education approved a resolution today that requires publishers to correct a "pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias" in future world history textbooks. The resolution,...

Meet the Imam in the Middle of the Quran Drama

(Sept. 9) -- For a few brief hours on Thursday, the peace-loving world thought it could breathe a sigh of relief: The proposed Sept. 11 Quran-burning stunt was seemingly called off by Dove World...


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