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jacob weisberg

Published: 11/2/10

How Much 'Modesty' Will Republicans Bring to Congress?

By  not in system - AOL News
How Much 'Modesty' Will Republicans Bring to Congress?

(Nov. 2) -- "We have nothing to fear from letting the House work its will -- nothing to fear from the battle of ideas. ... The result will be more scrutiny and better legislation," John Boehner said in a National Journal interview. With the GOP expecting sweeping gains and control of at least one house of Congress, prognosticators are already guessing how a Boehner-led majority will govern. The specifics, of course, will be determined after the election results are finally tallied in the next days and weeks. The subject, however, is already being heavily debated among Republican leaders and so...

Published: 09/21/09

In Defense of the Nanny State

By  Delia Lloyd - Politics Daily
In Defense of the Nanny State

Few questions loom larger on the political horizon right now than defining the proper role of government in regulating individual freedoms. As many have argued with varying degrees of sanity over the past few months, much of the current health care debate boils down to what kind of government America both needs and deserves.Which is why I was dismayed to read Jacob Weisberg's column in Slate on Saturday -- "First They Came for the Marlboros." In it, the author points to a dismaying trend of "nanny state"-type intrusions on individual liberties sweeping our country. The latest include a series ...


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