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700 Fishermen Missing in Myanmar After Severe Storms

YANGON, Myanmar -- Nearly 700 fishermen from Myanmar are missing after a three-day burst of unseasonable storms that ripped apart rickety fishing boats in the Andaman Sea, news reports said...

Powerful Quake in NE Myanmar Kills More Than 70

YANGON, Myanmar -- A powerful earthquake that toppled homes in northeastern Myanmar has killed more than 70 people, and there were fears Friday the toll would mount as conditions in more remote areas...

Myanmar Struck by Earthquake; 5 Facts About the Former Burma

The impoverished Southeast Asian country of Myanmar, known as Burma under British rule, is somewhat off the beaten path in terms of American news consumption and rarely makes headlines. So when it was...

6.8-Magnitude Quake Strikes Northeastern Myanmar, Kills 1

YANGON, Myanmar -- A powerful earthquake struck northeastern Myanmar on Thursday night, killing one woman and shaking buildings as far away as Bangkok. No tsunami was generated. The quake hit in an...


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