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phyllis schlafly

Published: 02/18/10

Phyllis Schlafly: No Women, Sarah Palin Included, Ready for White House

By  Annie Groer - Politics Daily
Phyllis Schlafly: No Women, Sarah Palin Included, Ready for White House

At 85, Phyllis Schlafly has still got game. The anti-feminist founder of the conservative Eagle Forum -- who counts Barry Goldwater's 1964 White House run and the 1982 death of the Equal Rights Amendment as exquisite victories and the "internationalist" presidencies of George Bush 41 and 43 as "not helpful to the Republican party" -- hasn't mellowed one whit. That she made abundantly clear Thursday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington. Lord knows she still looks great, the poufy blonde hair perfectly lacquered, the fitted tweed jacket tricked ou...

Published: 01/19/10

History Textbook Controversy Roils Texas

By  David Knowles - AOL News
History Textbook Controversy Roils Texas

(Jan. 19) – "History is written by the victors," Winston Churchill famously said. In Texas, that may mean removing mention of Ted Kennedy and Cesar Chavez from textbooks in favor of new entries on the National Rifle Association and Phyllis Schlafly. For much of the past year, the Texas State Board of Education has been considering changes to its social studies curriculum, hearing from community members and debating alterations to the way the state will teach history. Jack Plunkett, AP "I don't see any evidence that people are pursuing any political or personal agendas," Gail Lowe, the chai...

Published: 04/9/09

A Schlafly Movie?

By  Matt Lewis - Politics Daily
A Schlafly Movie?

Yesterday's post on conservative movies generated some good emails (and even an interesting blog posts from a liberal). Here's a good email from a conservative reader:"Hey Matt, Great post on movies. I'd never thought of Whitaker Chambers (sic) before. But for a true "against all odds" story, how about Phyllis Schlafly fighting the Equal Rights Amendment. I always knew the story, but never knew how much the ERA was a foregone conclusion until reading various reports. Despite Phyllis' crabbiness (and obsession with mexican truck drivers and the forthcoming North American Union) in her old age, ...

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