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Obama Sending Panetta to Pentagon, Petraeus to CIA

WASHINGTON -- In a major national security reshuffle, President Barack Obama is sending CIA Director Leon Panetta to the Pentagon to replace Robert Gates, a widely praised Bush holdover, and replacing...

Obama Reportedly to Make Major National Security Leadership Changes

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama plans this week to name CIA Director Leon Panetta to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Gen. David Petraeus, now running the war in Afghanistan, would...

Obama Approves Use of Armed Drone Aircraft in Libya

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama has approved the use of armed drones in Libya, authorizing U.S. airstrikes on ground forces for the first time since America turned over control of the operation...

Are US, Other Allies Ignoring Saudi Arabia's Political Prisoners?

The U.S. and European Union are ignoring the fact that Saudi Arabia has arrested more than 160 political dissidents in just two months, Human Rights Watch said in a scathing report today. More than...


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