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As UN Debates Pirates, Clock Ticks Down on Indian Hostages

UNITED NATIONS -- Families of six Indian sailors who are being held for ransom by Somali pirates are clinging to hope that they will be released, even though the Indian government has asserted that it...

Attempt to Free Danish Family From Somalian Pirates Fails

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- An attempt by Somali security forces to free a Danish family from a pirate gang on Thursday turned deadly after the would-be rescuers walked into an ambush, a pirate and a...

Pirates Hijack Danish Yacht With 7 People, Including 3 Children

Pirates are towing a yacht toward Somalia after capturing the vessel carrying seven Danes, including three children, according to Danish officials. The sailboat was captured Thursday in the Indian...

Americans Killed by Pirates Knew the Risks, Friends Say

Jean and Scott Adam loved to sail, but they almost shipped their yacht across the Arabian Sea to avoid a run-in with pirates, a friend said today. Scott Stolnitz, a friend of the California couple...

Quest Yacht: 5 Facts on the Americans Killed by Somali Pirates

The four Americans who were killed by Somali pirates on the yacht the Quest were seasoned travelers with many years of sailing experience. But even the U.S. warships that shadowed the boat after its...


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