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Published: 12/22/10

What New START Means for Politics and National Security

By  not in system - AOL News
What New START Means for Politics and National Security

The New START nuclear arms control treaty with Russia passed a procedural Senate vote by 67 to 28 on Tuesday, enough "yes" votes for it to pass the ratification vote expected today. Since Mitt Romney denounced the treaty this summer, a number of Republicans have attempted to block its ratification, despite a bipartisan near consensus among the punditry in favor of the treaty and the support of every living secretary of state, including Henry Kissinger. Now that it appears likely to pass, here's reporting and commentary on the treaty, its ratification and what it all means. From the ...

Published: 10/1/10

Blackwater Remnant Gets Piece of State Dept. Contract

By  James Graff - AOL News
Blackwater Remnant Gets Piece of State Dept. Contract

(Oct. 1) -- It was a taste for indiscriminate force that got the private security firm Blackwater into deep trouble with the U.S. and Iraqi governments, especially after its guards killed 17 civilians in a Baghdad square in 2007. But according to a report in Wired, the firm also has the subtle guile necessary to worm its way back into the State Department's coffers. Spencer Ackerman reports that Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, has used a "blandly named cut-out," International Development Solutions, to grab a piece of the State Department's $10 billion, five-year Worldwide Protective Se...

Published: 07/21/10

JournoList Liberal Conspiracy Story: Scandal or Overblown?

By  not in system - AOL News
JournoList Liberal Conspiracy Story: Scandal or Overblown?

(July 21) -- Conservative news site The Daily Caller sparked a controversy today after uncovering private e-mails from a now-defunct listserv of liberal journalists, JournoList. The documents show journalists discouraging one another from covering the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story during Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. In one case, The Washington Independent's Spencer Ackerman, now of, encouraged his peers to label conservatives racists if they make an issue out of the controversial figure. Ackerman wrote at the time: If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or te...

Published: 07/20/10

Daily Caller Exposes 'Journolist' Attempts to Kill Stories About Rev. Jeremiah Wright

By  Matt Lewis - Politics Daily
Daily Caller Exposes 'Journolist' Attempts to Kill Stories About Rev. Jeremiah Wright

The Daily Caller is out today with another big story, highlighting the Journolist -- a now defunct listserv where hundreds of liberal journalists and academics would collaborate and share information. Today's column reveals that in 2008, several liberal journalists on the list were overtly discouraging others from covering the Rev. Jeremiah Wright story -- his incendiary remarks were an embarrassment for the Obama presidential campaign -- and, in at least one case, plotting to undermine the reputation of conservative journalists. Arguably, this is the most disturbing section from the story...

Published: 01/30/09

Condoms Stimulate, Raptors Don't?

By  Caleb Howe - Politics Daily
Condoms Stimulate, Raptors Don't?

In stimulus spending research, this post by Spencer Ackerman at The Washington Independent, in which he scoffs at "a loss of 95,000 jobs" if President Obama fails to release funds allocated for the F-22 Raptor line before March 1st, caught my eye. Ackerman clearly finds the idea of defense spending as stimulative laughable, but he does not, apparently, have an answer for how putting tens of thousand of Americans out of work is somehow a boon to the economy. The so-called stimulus package is a badly misnamed spending spree distributing billions of dollars in payback to special interests and oth...


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