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Published: 01/6/11

Iran Says American Woman Detained as Spy

By  not in system - AOL News
Iran Says American Woman Detained as Spy

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iranian authorities have detained a 55-year-old American woman on spying charges, a state-owned newspaper reported Thursday. The daily IRAN said the woman had spying equipment hidden on her body when customs authorities detained her in the border town of Nordouz, 370 miles northwest of the capital Tehran. The report said she arrived in Iran from neighboring Armenia without a visa. It did not say when she was detained. The woman is the fourth American Iran has arrested and accused of spying in less than two years. Sponsored Links In July 2009, Iran detained three Americans...

Published: 12/17/10

What is OpenBSD, and Did the FBI Really Tamper With It?

By  Nathaniel Jones - AOL News
What is OpenBSD, and Did the FBI Really Tamper With It?

(Dec. 17) -- Is there anyone on the Internet who isn't either spying or being spied upon? The open-source community is up in arms this week over allegations that, a decade ago, the FBI bribed the developers of operating system OpenBSD to insert a number of backdoors in the system's code. Unless you are a tech wizard you probably have no idea what any of the previous sentence means, but Surge Desk is here to help. For starters, OpenBSD is an open-source operating system (and if you need to know what one of those is, it's the software such as Windows XP or Mac OS X that runs your computer)...

Published: 11/29/10

WikiLeaks' Key Revelations Focus on Iran Threats

By  Theunis Bates - AOL News
WikiLeaks' Key Revelations Focus on Iran Threats

(Nov. 29) -- U.S. officials have angrily condemned the release by WikiLeaks of hundreds of confidential diplomatic messages, with the White House calling the whistle-blowing site's online disclosure of leaked government cables "reckless and dangerous" actions that "put at risk our diplomats, intelligence professionals and people around the world who come to the United States for assistance in promoting democracy and open government." Republican Rep. Peter King, the ranking GOP member on the House Homeland Security Committee, urged the State Department to designate WikiLeaks a "foreign...

Published: 10/15/10

US Government Monitoring Social Networking Sites

By  Sharon Weinberger - AOL News
US Government Monitoring Social Networking Sites

(Oct. 15) -- Think the people looking at your Facebook page just happen to share your interest in Quentin Tarantino movies? Maybe, but if you're applying for citizenship, it could be a government agent trying to cybersnoop on your daily activities. The Department of Homeland Security has been mining online social networking sites to detect citizenship fraud, according to government documents released by a nonprofit civil liberties group. The documents also show that DHS monitored social networking data to look for potential violent incidents during the inauguration of President Barack Obama....

Published: 10/4/10

Mossad's Seductive 'Honey Trap' Is Kosher, Rabbi Finds

By  Matthew Kalman - AOL News
Mossad's Seductive 'Honey Trap' Is Kosher, Rabbi Finds

JERUSALEM (Oct. 4) -- Female Mossad agents can relax. That classic spy tool, the honey trap, is kosher after all. Rabbi Ari Shvat, an expert on Jewish law and modern politics, says Israeli women can sleep with the enemy in the interests of national security. The scholar has found that it is not a breach of Jewish law for a woman to seduce terrorists and other dangerous enemies in order to gain vital intelligence to save lives. The scholar's views on "Illicit Sex for the Sake of National Security" were published in Tehumin, the annual journal of the Zomet Institute in the West Bank, which...

Published: 09/21/10

Netanyahu Willing to Trade Settlement Freeze for Famed Spy's Freedom

By  Paul Wachter - AOL News
Netanyahu Willing to Trade Settlement Freeze for Famed Spy's Freedom

(Sept. 21) -- It's called chutzpah: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has offered a deal to Washington. He'll extend a freeze on settlement expansion in the occupied territories -- settlements that are illegal under international law -- in exchange for Jonathan Pollard, an American who is serving a life sentence in the U.S. for spying for Israel. Israel's army radio said that "Netanyahu had asked an unnamed intermediary to sound out the Obama administration on the proposal, but it is not known what response was received," Haaretz reports. Pollard, a former naval intelligence analyst,...

Published: 07/8/10

U.S. and Russia Swap Spies, Ending Espionage Drama

By  Politics Daily Staff - Politics Daily
U.S. and Russia Swap Spies, Ending Espionage Drama

Ten Russian spies arrested last week were handed over to Russia on the tarmac of an Austrian airport Friday, in exchange for four agents accused by Moscow of spying for the U.S., ending an espionage drama that brought back Cold War memories. The Justice Department said the swap was made at Vienna's international airport, The New York Times reported. Airplanes carrying the men and women landed mid-afternoon, the spies were transferred back and forth in a black van, and the planes took off again about an hour later. News reports later said that the American plane had landed at a British...

Published: 04/21/10

Three More Domestic Spying Programs Revealed

By  Christopher Weber - Politics Daily
Three More Domestic Spying Programs Revealed

The Department of Homeland Security is acknowledging the existence of three more government programs charged with spying on American citizens in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The programs -- Pantheon, Pathfinder and Organizational Shared Space -- used a variety of software tools to gather and analyze information about Americans, according to documents obtained by the Center for Investigative Reporting. The DHS turned over the papers in response to a December 2008 Freedom of Information Act request. The documents shed new light on the proliferation of domestic...

Published: 04/3/10

Jerry Ford OKed Warrantless Wiretaps in U.S., Memo Reveals

By  Andrew Becker - Politics Daily
Jerry Ford OKed Warrantless Wiretaps in U.S., Memo Reveals

President Gerald Ford secretly authorized the use of warrantless domestic wiretaps for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes soon after coming into office, according to a declassified document. The Dec. 19, 1974 White House memorandum, marked Top Secret/Exclusively Eyes Only and signed by Ford, gave then-Attorney General William B. Saxbe and his successors in office authorization "to approve, without prior judicial warrants, specific electronic surveillance within the United States which may be requested by the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation."...

Published: 02/11/10

What Was Alan Gross Doing in Havana?

By  Bonnie Goldstein - Politics Daily
What Was Alan Gross Doing in Havana?

Last week President Obama released his proposed $52.8 billion 2011 budget for the U.S. Department of State. Included with the billions for programs in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq is a relatively minuscule $20 million allocation to "promote self-determined democracy in Cuba." For one unlucky consultant hired to do just that, however, the mandate is particularly thorny. During the first week of December, Alan Phillip Gross, an American from the Washington, D.C., suburb of Potomac, Md., was arrested at Havana's Jose Marti airport as he was boarding a plane to leave Cuba. He has not been...


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